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Tourism for All. Beaches, hotels and activities on the ground without obstacles. In the year of 2009 be not really a problem. One thinks. As a journalist in a wheelchair, the author of this website but must make a different experience. The aim of this website is to provide an overview of the current most current deals all over the world. Where we are aware that any disability or physical limitation is different and therefore are different needs from each resort and accommodation. With the help of our small catalog of requirements we will give every member the ability to establish itself before booking a survey to determine whether he / she can spend at the respective place a stress-free and symptom-free holiday.

We hope for your cooperation. Wherever you are travelling, please fill out our Request Catalog (see the download button on the top),  and send it back to us. The more active your participation, the faster this site grows, and the more diverse the holiday options for you could be, too, Thank you once already, and love greetings