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ENAT - the European Network for Accessible Tourism

RUHR.2010 | Barrierefrei

RUHR.2010 - Kulturhauptstadt Europas


2nd International ENAT-Congress, Vienna 2009

Angelika Laburda (IBFT Austria, left), Ivar Ambrose (Managing Director ENAT) and Lilian Mueller (President of ENAT)

At the second international congress of the European Network for Accessible Tourism at the end of September in Vienna Experts from 24 countries discussed trends and perspectives of tourism without barriers. In numerous presentations, workshops and round table talks the participants got offered a giant diversity of innovative projects, best-practice-examples as well as attempts of practically orientated solutions and strategies. In Europe the market potential is estimated at 134 Mio. people, who would be willing to spend 80 Billion Euro whilst travelling. The presentations about the latest tourism projects without barriers from Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and the small place Lousa in Portugal got a lot of applause, too.  SEE VIDEO